Miss Atomic Bomb review

Catherine Tate’s musical Miss Atomic Bomb is delightfully silly and a very entertaining night out. The plot and songs are original, albeit totally insane, and left the entire audience in fits of hysterics at one point or another.

Set in Las Vegas during America’s nuclear testing of the 1950s, recently promoted hotel manager Lou Lublwitz (Simon Lipkin) stages a nuclear-themed beauty pageant with the help of his army deserter brother Joey (Dean John-Wilson) in order to make the hotel some money. After a chance meeting Joey aims to attract desert shepherdess Candy (Florence Andrews), whom he’s apparently fallen for, whilst her best friend and wanna be fashion designer Myrna (Catherine Tate) sets her sights on becoming America’s next design icon. The characters fall together beautifully with the help of a charming ensemble, including Strallen sister Sasi.

Sporting an entire song about sheep, a sub plot reminiscent of Javert’s pursuit of Jean Valjean and the side-splitting pageant process, it’s a lot to digest in just under 2 and a half hours. Despite being an overwhelming evening I would rush back again in a heartbeat, if only for the incredible tap break which left my inner tap queen beaming with joy. The only downside would be Ms Tate’s forced American accent however with a six pack spawned from laughter I have no complaints of this atomically fun new musical.