Blood Brothers review (2016 tour – April)

Willy Russell’s classic musical is currently doing the rounds on another UK tour. Those less enthusiastic about theatre often ask the rest of us “don’t you get bored of seeing the same shows time and time again?” The 2016 tour of Blood Brothers illustrates why the answer is always a resounding no.

The story is an impossibly sad tale of enduring love between a mother and her sons, and the power of family. Social and class issues are also explored as two brothers borne of the same woman lead very different lives all a spellbinding story punctuated with a beautifully emotional soundtrack.

Lyn Paul’s performance was nothing short of flawless and utterly effortless. As arguably the greatest Mrs Johnston of all time it was an honour to see her grace the stage and ooze every emotion required of the iconic role. She sang with the ease of a woman born to play solely this role and reduced the audience and front of house staff alike to a puddle of tears.

The brothers, Mickey (Sean Jones) and Eddie (Joel Bennedict), have excellent chemistry and give the story the desired emotional punch. Sean Jones was particularly impressive delivering a layered performance of such a complex character and slipping effortlessly from innocent child to emotionally damaged adult over the course of just over 2 hours. Kristofer Harding also played the role of narrator well.

This tour is a masterpiece and a must see.